Diet Proof Your Life: The Seven Essential Secrets of Success

| December 9, 2016


Have you tried every diet on the planet – and failed? Are you tired of the process: rabbit food, calorie counting, and sore muscles from too much exercise? There is a solution: It’s called STOP DIETING! In this revolutionary new book, the author will tell you how to diet proof your life once and for all. No more counting carb grams; no more fake butter; no more starvation diets. From this point on, you will discover within yourself the secrets to a healthy and trim body without dieting! That’s a promise.

Research shows that eating – not self-deprivation –wins the battle against excess weight. In this ground-breaking new book, the author tells you why diet is the ultimate four-letter word, and why deprivation is the antithesis to happiness and good health. This book tells you what you must do today to reverse the cycle, and create a lifestyle that sustains you with whole food, pleasurable experiences, and acceptance of self.
This radical departure from the mainstream will introduce you to Seven Essential Secrets that will turn your life around. Behold, a new paradigm in the battle of the bulge, dramatically shifting your relationship with food – and with yourself.


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