Two Days in Caracas: A Titus Ray Thriller

| December 9, 2016


“Wow!!! Christian Suspense at its finest.”

A veteran air hostess scarred by her past. 

A US Marshal determined to nab an elusive fugitive. 

 And a lunatic from the past who won’t stay in the past. 

Will their collision destroy them or prove redemptive?

UNBOUND HOPE is a #1 Hot New Release

in Women’s Religous Fiction


Experienced flight attendant Erica Heart wanted nothing more to do with US Marshal Jim Denison. Her gratitude to him for his key role in rescuing her sister’s fiancé, Michael, stopped at the gate of their final goodbye. But when she urgently required the services of a US Marshal aboard a flight to accompany her team of newly recruited flight attendants, she hesitantly turned to Jim for help. Will her heart heed her plea to not get involved and risk having it broken?

US Marshal Jim Denison knew in his gut that something was wrong when their flight left the tarmac. He yearned for Erica Heart’s support without rattling her, the same woman responsible for his sleepless nights since they parted ways after her sister’s wedding one year ago. Her Christian values, charming attitude, and wit proved he had his work cut out for him–to rein in his wildly hoping heart But when things go wrong after take-off, her faith and calm during a crisis proved vital in defeating a cloaked enemy on the plane.

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