Debt of Fear (Logan Falcone Series Book 1)

| December 10, 2016


A Bestseller in the making! You’ll experience the emotions of war and terror first hand as Logan Falcone, an ex-recon marine, hunts down a terrorist cell in America. Each heart-stopping moment forces him to face his deepest fear; losing another person he loves. You’ll also see inside the mind of a terrorist, Amir, as he descends from Army hero to traitor, revealing how we’re all guided by emotions.

Logan Falcone had finally stopped reliving the events in Iraq when a phone call from Samantha forced him to leave his detached reality. A terrorist attack in Paris hinted at American involvement and she feared a coverup. A second attack, this time in Chicago, starts to open a deceitful door into a terrorist cell. Logan uses his old connections, a group of recon marines, and as much assistance as Samantha can give without compromising her job with the FBI. Leads fall through their fingers and it appears there’s a leak in the government. In the end, it comes down to Logan’s intuitive training and ability to read people. Will Logan be able to tap into who he used to be? Or will his fears of another loss dictate his actions, allowing even more attacks and American deaths?


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