Kelly vs. Trump: A Complete History of the Megyn Kelly-Donald Trump Fued In The 2016 Presidential Election and Beyond 

| December 10, 2016


Discover The History of the Ongoing Fued Between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly!

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The 2016 Presidential Election has been one for the books. There has been so much said by the candidates, members of the media, and other news sources. One of the most interesting storylines of the 2016 Election has been the ongoing ‘war of words’ between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is the host of Fox News and is a sharp critic of Donald Trump. As you probably know, Donald Trump is the real estate mogul turned Presidential candidate, and now the President-Elect for the United States.

This e-book examines the history between Kelly and Trump, what’s been said, and how it has affected the 2016 Election. I have also added some bits and pieces that were mainly unreported by news sources, as well as expert commentary and analysis. This is an e-book that will be continually updated to reflect any new happenings in the ongoing fued.

Here Is A Preview Of Kelly vs. Trump…

  • What was said during the interview between Kelly and Trump
  • Controversial tweets by Trump aimed at Megyn Kelly
  • Megyn Kelly’s responses on Fox News
  • Sexual Assault allegations made against Trump by Kelly
  • Analysis and Breakdown of the War of Words Between Kelly and Trump
  • How Their Fued Has Affected the 2016 Election and Beyond
  • The Aftermath of the Allegations
  • And much, much

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