Son Of The Age

| July 11, 2018


Abandoned by his father and forced to grow up fast, young Son makes the brave decision to trek across the land of Aun to be reunited with his mother. As he travels, he finds the road to be a perilous place as he stands against heartless bandits, defends a helpless orphan girl, and encounters the mysterious man from the north, a warrior running from a violent past. When what little he has is taken from him, he must stand up and fight for himself or never return home. It’s do or die in this powerful coming of age fantasy tale.

Son of the Age is the story of modern boyhood set in a medieval fantasy world. If you like page-turning storytelling, exciting adventure, and lots of heart, then you’ll love this captivating debut novel from Lee Bezotte.

Get this remarkable book and join Son on a life-changing journey!

Additional tidbits

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who loves a good story with layered characters, emotional depth, and adventure. It’s a coming of age fantasy journey but, at its heart, it’s about letting go of the past, and finding hope.

What are the appropriate ages for Son Of The Age?

Twelve and older is the recommended age range. However, many readers have finished the book, enjoyed it immensely, and found themselves reading it a second time but to their children. As one reader put it, “I’m going to read it again, this time with my kids, as the ethics and hope weaved into the adventure are the substance every good father tries to impart to his kids.”

Will there be more books like this one?

Definitely! Son Of The Age is the first in a series of fantasy adventures for your soul. Stay tuned by visiting Lee’s author page and clicking the +Follow button.

What categories does Son Of The Age fit into?

That’s a challenge to answer since it’s a cross-genre story. It’s categorized Christian Fiction Fantasy, but you don’t have to consider yourself a Christian to enjoy it, much like the Narnia series. If it were a movie, it might be rated PG13 for violence, but the language is clean and there is no sex. It’s easy to understand for children, but some parts are “heavy” and might be difficult to process for younger readers. Below is a list of Kindle eBook categories that the novel might fit into, but it’s not exhaustive.

Young Adult Fantasy
Christian Fiction Fantasy
Coming of Age Fantasy
Boys & Men
Fantasy Adventure

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