Did You Know?: The Trivia Book of Knowledge Version 2

| December 12, 2016


This absolutely fascinating book contains over two hundred an seventy-five interesting details covering various categories such as war, history, sports, different countries, time and much more. This is not your normal question and answer trivia book. It is more a book of knowledge allowing you to increase what you already know. Yet while learning you can find that the extraordinary and the ordinary are often one of the same and that fact and fiction can come from the same cloth.
I hope you discover that trivia is brimming with knowledge to questions you had no idea to ask. Yes trivia, but a trivia that is worth more than a value of little importance. Your trivia knowledge will increase with each fun fact page. A great book for kids and seniors alike. What better way to learn and be entertained than to be ask…..DID YOU KNOW?


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