The Narrowing Path (The Narrowing Path Series Book 1)

| December 13, 2016


For a very limited time, the complete trilogy is available for 99c.

In the ultimate battle of wits and strength, only the most ruthless will survive.

Every six years, the noble teenagers of Arcandis compete in the harrowing contest of The Narrowing Path, forced to prove themselves worthy to continue their family line—or perish trying. Bowe Bellanger, younger and weaker than the rest, is expected to die on the very first day. However, Bowe isn’t interested in just surviving, he wants to save his friends—which goes against everything the society stands for.

This is the first book in The Narrowing Path trilogy. Bearing comparisons to Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, the series explores a rich medieval fantasy world with characters every bit as devious and bloodthirsty as the schemers in Game of Thrones.

Buy today and explore a world where death is just one misstep away!


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