David Shield in Gog and Magog War

| December 13, 2016


From natural disasters to bible prophecy to the end of the world, experience the end of the world.

Will you be alive when the time comes?

Or it has already started…

The end of days began with the establishment of the Israeli state. Join hands with the author on this imaginary yet factual journey of events and stories of apocalypse in the book ”David Shield in Gog and Magog War: End of the world prophecy”.

The world is, once again, at the verge of a war that will reshape it forever. Events and things are moving exactly as termed by biblical prophecies. Most of it has already happened. Human race is waiting for the salvation of the end of days.

The world is about to transform into an eternal entity which will be finally ruled by the God.

It is near – we will soon see it with our own eyes.

How, when, and where?

Get your copy today to unfold the future!


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