The Retreat

| December 14, 2016


From the Bestselling Author of The Tainted Accords. . .

Earth was ruined. Humankind destroyed. And it’s old news.

Romy’s life is simple–for a genetically enhanced space soldier; pick up space junk with her four friends, and stave off the invaders fixated on stealing Planet Earth.

It isn’t much. But it’s temporary–only another 850 years to go, give or take. Then the 4000 space soldiers can reinhabit their beloved homeland once more.

When her crew tangles with a gulp-worthy alien mothership, Romy’s return to Earth is brought forwards at hurtling pace. And what she finds on the ground defies everything she’s been told.

Strength comes from the unlikeliest of quarters.

As does leadership.

…As does betrayal.

Warning: Cliffhanger ending, mild sexual content and themes. 

superbly written” – Readers’ Favorite

“part fantasy, part sci-fi, and all cosmic-chemistry”  – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

all I can say is WOW!” – Taking it One Book at a Time

“I had very high expectations for this one and I’m happy to say that the book met them all and more.”  – Bookaholic

“I can’t start talking about this or I won’t stop. This is a must read!”  – Amazon Reviewer


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