Children’s Book: The Cyber Spying Glass (Christmas Edition)

| December 15, 2016


Teach your child the key skills and habits to stay safe online in a fun and effective manner.

Taking the time to educate our kids and emphasizing the importance of cyber safety in the real world will prepare them for the dangers which may cross their path when online. The Cyber Spying Glass present an effective yet entertaining way to help you educate your children about online safety.

This Christmas, join Eric and his sister, Kelly, as they take on the roles of detectives while embarking through the exciting world of the Internet. Along the way, they will be introduced to the crazy world of chatrooms and uncover some compelling secrets about the people who use it. So grab your detective hat and your trusty magnifying glass and join the duo in this festive yet eye-opening adventure.

  • What secrets do Eric and Kelly uncover along the way?
  • What clues will they gather from this compelling adventure?
  • What important lessons will they learn?

The Cyber Spying Glass is a thoughtfully written book designed to help parents teach their children about the importance of staying safe online. In this book, Eric and Kelly introduces the readers to the Internet, a place where we must pay very close attention to the clues presented before us in order to stay safe. Although the Internet may appear to be a place of wonder and curiosity, Eric and Kelly shows us that it can also be a very dangerous place as the story progresses.

Over the years, the Internet has immensely transformed the way children access information and interact with the world. With ever-evolving technology, the Internet provides children with quick access to extensive knowledge, connection with people on a global scale and equips them with the appropriate means to fuel their creativity. However, despite all the positive contributions that the Internet may provide, we are also exposed to various risks which also comes in the form of:

  • Online predators
  • Revealing too much personal information

With these dangers to which our children are exposed, it is of vital importance to provide them with the proper skills and habits to prevent these dangers from occurring.

This book was meticulously designed to be an insightful and engaging resource for parents, teachers and counsellors to teach their children about cyber safety in a fun and effective manner. As a parent or guardian, we can use the many resources which have been made available to us to combat these dangers and protect our children from the online predators who lurk behind the safety of their computer screens. Equipped with charming illustrations and a delightful storyline, it’s a festive treat for all this Christmas.

The moral of the story is best reflected in the following quote by Christopher Harris, “Filter a website, and you protect a student for a day. Educate students about online safety in the real world environment, and you protect your child for a lifetime.”

You are warmly welcomed to share this insightful book with your child which will help you introduce your child to the key skills and habits of staying safe online.

This charming, well-written story delivers easy-to-digest cyber safety tips and demonstrates the importance of being cautious while online. Additionally, it is a delightful, festive story designed for bedtime reading or with the whole family.

*** This children’s book features Kindle Text Pop-Up for reading text over vivid, full-color images(double tap on the text).

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