Raven: A Dark Fantasy Short Story

| December 15, 2016


An unexpected encounter with a creature of song may have the power to change his fate.

Tribesman Misha is in search of a deer, hopeful of winning the hand of Tiva–next in line for leadership–and determined to secure his family’s prominence. When he finds a small song-bird-woman, who he names Raven, he’s sure fate is on his side. The creature can’t speak, yet her song captures his heart.

But is Raven the gift he thinks she is?

The end of the day nears, and he must bring home a gift for Tiva or risk losing her to the lowly fisherman, Rokkoo, a fate that would undo everything he’s worked so hard for.

Fans of Chanda Hahn will enjoy this dark fantasy short story that transports YA readers to an enchanting alternate Earth where wonders are not always as fantastic as they seem.


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