Advertising in a Digital Age: Best Practices for AdWords and Social Media Advertising (Give Your Marketing A Digital Edge Series – Vol. 8)

| June 22, 2013


Advertising in a Digital Age: Best Practices for AdWords and Social Media Advertising (Give Your Marketing A Digital Edge Series - Vol. 8)

If your customers are spending more and more time online, why aren’t you advertising there? Do you think it’s too expensive, too confusing, too hard to reach your target market? If your business is already active online, is it getting enough bang for its bucks?

Let an online marketing expert teach you the secrets of advertising online to achieve business goals. She’ll show just how inexpensive it is to advertise digitally.
Use Online Advertising to:
  • reach more people while spending less
  • interact with your community
  • collect feedback and monitor results in real-time
  • adjust your advertising quickly
  • target and retarget your messages for relevancy


Online Advertising has revolutionized how marketers target and capture audiences; don’t be left behind. Advertising in a Digital Age can help you understand this market so you use your advertising dollars most effectively–and get as much free advertising as possible.
The author, a Global Online Strategist and Consultant certified in Adwords and Analytics, covers some of the most common forms of online advertising–Google AdWords and Social Media Advertising–and offers tips to help you create ad campaigns that convert digital browsers to buyers.
You’ll learn:
  • the pros and cons of the most utilized types of online ads and platforms
  • the most used targeting methods to maximize ad exposure for your target audience
  • 9 advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of Google AdWords
  • what Native Advertising is and why it matters
  • types of ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin
  • the most important rates and metrics in online advertising


The book includes 50-plus online advertising resources to save you time and money and keep you up-to-date in the digital world. Whether your customers are global or local, advertising online can take your business to the next level.

From the Author

I write my books with a lot of dedication and from the heart. I have a passion for online marketing and for supporting and encouraging others to make the changes that can grow their online business.  Online marketing is an ever-evolving industry and, as such, keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging.
My books are aimed to small businesses, startups and those who are looking to take their business online for the first time. I have a lot of experience in the industry and I want to share my knowledge and insights with people who are looking to maximize their online potential. As well as writing books I also run my own consultancy firm specializing in helping businesses with their online presence and authors with publishing and promoting their books online.
I hope you enjoy my books and I’d appreciate any feedback.  I’m always looking to challenge myself and improve the way that I work and openly encourage my readers and clients to let me know what I can do differently in the future.

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