A Family By Christmas: A Second Chance Sports Romance

| December 17, 2016


Lucy Conlay faces one of the darkest moments in her life when she falls ill. With her brother and his wife having moved away she had no choice but to call in a favor from an old flame. Her four-year-old son would need someone to care for him while she undergoes treatment. When she calls Joe Landers to help her out, he doesn’t think twice, but Lucy fears that her best kept secret would be revealed the moment he laid eyes on Jacob, her four year old son.
Joe Landers, famous baseball star jumps to the opportunity to help Lucy, and rekindle a romance that he left behind many years ago. But when he arrives at her place, he finds her in bad health. He has dealt with this before, and the thought of losing Lucy was daunting. But what scared him most, was that she would end up leaving her son behind. But when he learns the truth about Jacob everything changes.
Would Jacob and Lucy be able to rekindle the old flame, overcome the curveball Mother Nature decided to throw their way, and put the past behind them for good?


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