The Crumbling Brick – a fairy tale

| March 8, 2015


EXCITING YA NOVELLA told in the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s and George MacDonald’s fairy tales.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful flow of this vibrant and imaginative story. The author’s descriptive words carried me to a world of kings, queens, fairy tale creatures, and adventure. I could imagine each character, as well as the colorful surroundings. It is fun to immerse myself in another world for awhile. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy tales. (E. Mason)

Wow. Reardon writes with such incredible imagery … good lessons are being taught: to be loyal, kind, and humble is far greater than being boastful, flashy and greedy. (D. Bowers)

When Ella discovers a crumbling brick behind an old trunk in her cellar, everything changes. Transported to another time and place, she falls in love with the beautiful Land of Neo but soon realizes this lovely country is threatened by evil. She longs to help this land, but feels ill-equipped to face the wickedness that has invaded it. However, the longer she stays in Neo, the stronger and braver she becomes…

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