The Door with A Handle: How Holy Spirit Turns Your Imagination into Reality

| December 20, 2016


I had no idea that something as simple as using my imagination would open the door to the spiritual realm!

The spiritual realm has all sorts of doors that, when opened, let us interact with God in a way that is different than the normal, physical Christian walk, for example, visions, dreams, being transported, visiting heaven, and seeing angels. However, these doors have no knob on our side—God must open each one from his side and let us through. Yet there is one door with the handle on our side for us to open any time we choose—the door called Imagination.

This book will show you:

•How you open the door and step through
•The marvelous reason to open this door
•What the Bible says about this door
•The difference between your imagination and the spiritual realm
•How you and Jesus enjoy adventures together
•How to use this door in daily life
•Plenty of examples of what it looks like

Our imagination is part of having been created in God’s image and it is meant to be used for good. Since God lives inside of us he can go with us into our imagination and enjoy the time together even if we’re imagining the setting, because he’s real and he’s there. That means that 1) our imagination might change at some point to the spiritual realm, or 2) it might stay our imagination, but either way Jesus comes with us and it’s still fun, because our interactions with Jesus are real.

There are times when we inadvertently stumble through the door into the spiritual realm, but what I talk about in this book is beyond that simple “Oops, what happened?” We are going to purposely open this door. Once we learn that it’s always with us we can open it anytime we want, just for the fun of enjoying time with Jesus. Whether Holy Spirit takes us through it into the spiritual realm is up to him, but I can say from experience that he loves to take us and he’ll often do it, if we give him the chance.

Here and there in my writing over the years I’ve hinted at this door, even come out and talked vaguely about it, yet I’ve never specifically told how to find the door and open it or what to do on the other side. However, this door is so vital to our intimacy and relationship with Jesus that for the first time I’m going to clearly show you the Door with the Handle. This door isn’t meant to be hidden, we just don’t realize it’s there. Instead of giving you hints until you stumble over it like I did, I’m now going to clearly show you the door so that when you open it you can joyfully dance your way through in confidence, excited about the adventures on the other side.


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