Ways Men Test Women

| December 20, 2016


“Ways Men Test Women”
Pass his tests and have him twisted around your little finger…
Have you ever thought to yourself, do men test women? And if they do, how?
Well here is the answer: Yes, they do, and in the cheekiest and sneakiest ways possible. This book is full of real-life, dating examples of ‘Ways Men Test Women’. All from the guys’ lips. Hence, I’m not only talking about the ways men test women, but I also give away the secrets of how to pass these tests so he starts to love you ,cherish you, adore you and above all see you as his dream girl. The truth is, at some point or another in life, we have definitely faced some of these tests. If no guys have tested you yet, believe me, they will definitely do so in the future.Therefore if you want to have a happy relationship you must pass these tests. So if you have been in a situation where he has told you:

?That you deserve someone better.

?He loves you but is not in love with you.

?You are just crazy and can’t control your emotions.

?He doesn’t want a girlfriend.

?He is not a boyfriend material.

?He has offered you a ‘Friends with Benefits relationship’.


?He has made you jealous.

?He has made you insecure.

?He has taken you for granted.

?He has stopped respecting and valuing you.

?He is pulling away.

?He looks bored and uninterested.

?He has stopped chasing you.

?He has disappeared on you.

Well, then this book is tailor-made for you.????????????????????????????????????

Scroll up and grab a copy today.
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