Author interview with Mimi Emmanuel of ‘Mimi’s Book Launch Plan’

Author Interview With Mimi Emmanuel

Mimi’s Book Launch Plan was written for Mimi’s Launch Team and provides a diary of what she did when launching her first book; My Story of Survival.  Mimi is convinced that her book did so well thanks to the support she received from all her writing class mates and buddies and the self-publishing school she is studying with and she promised to share all her insights and links and tips with them.  You can now benefit from the insights she gained and if you plan to publish your own book Indie style you’ll be hard pressed to find a guide more comprehensive than hers.


Mimi Emmanuel is back with me today discussing her very first experiences in the self-publishing world which lead to the creation of ‘Mimi’s Book Launch Plan’. This book gives the reader a daily log of Mimi’s experiences and additionally provides an actionable thirty-one day plan to a successful launch. Mimi, thanks for sitting down with me again to chat about your this book. Firstly, I’m intrigued about why you felt the need to share your very personal experiences launching your first self-published book. Many other authors would not be so brave as to fully document and distribute their experiences, why did you feel like this story was important to share?

I promised my launch team to share all my notes with them and Mimi’s Book Launch Plan contains all the notes I made and resources I collected whilst launching My Story of Survival.



What kind of notes were you recording during this period?

Every single day I was browsing the web for resources and I signed up to a variety of courses to learn all there is to learn about publishing and launching a book.



Parsing through all of that information alone sounds like a mammoth task. Did annotate or add your personal opinions to this research to guide yourself through your notes if you had to use them again? For example did you note down your experiences with particular promotional ideas to make sure you emphasized what worked?

Good question. Yes, I did, 100%. I shared with my launch team my experiences when launching my first book.



What do you hope that your readers take away from this wonderful melding of personal stories and research into this single volume?

Have FUN whilst you launch your book. If you’re not having fun, find something else to do.



I love that advice :). Because you’re right, if you’re not having fun you’re doing the wrong thing! For you personally, what did you find the most satisfying aspect of communicating your ideas of fun and success in the self-publishing world?

The positive feedback I received was overwhelming. So much so that, to answer all the questions, I followed this book up with a sequel; The Holy Grail of Book Launching.



The Holy Grail of Book Launching has recently been promoted and I have to say is another jam-packed tome on how to win while self-publishing. Finally, I’d just like to know if you could sum up your book in a single line or quote what would it be?

My favourite quote is in the title which promises, ‘How-to launch your e-book easy-peasy.’ And the continuing feedback shows me that this is a true statement.



Mimi, thank you for spending a little time with me today to share your easy-peasy publishing resource and I hope that you are able to improve the success of many other self-published authors.


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