Author interview with Mimi Emmanuel of ‘My Story of Survival’

Author Interview With Mimi Emmanuel


Ten ingredients only for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mimi lived on ten ingredients in total for a period of five years; for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every single day. Her diet contains no gluten, eggs, sugar, fructose, grains, flours, nuts, seeds, meat, beans, soy, and no legumes. Initially, her diet contained no dairy either.



Mimi Emmanuel is back to chat with me today about her first published work, ‘My Story of Survival’, which documents her journey through the challenges of eating, surviving and thriving on a limited diet and contains the ultimate low-reactive diet for allergies, gut problems, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities. Mimi, thanks for joining me today. I’m a little bit blown away by what this book is about and I really don’t think I can do it justice so can you tell the audience in your own words, about your story of survival.

The entire book is based on a true-life experience that I lived through. I lived on ten ingredients only, for a period of 5 years. I did this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After I ruptured my appendix and had septicemia the doctors refused to operate, deeming the adverse risk to be too high. After this medical emergency, where I did not tolerate the antibiotics very well, it was a case of trial an error with large servings of oodles of faith mixed in, to come to solutions.



This really is a very personal story about your health. What made you feel compelled to share these challenges with the world?

I thought, ‘If one person would benefit from hearing my story, it is worth telling it.’



Did you find at least one person who benefitted?

As it turned out, many people told me that they benefited from reading my book. That made it all worthwhile.



That’s wonderful that you found many people who gained and found worth from your experiences. As this is a largely personal experience did you find yourself delving into a little investigative work to make sure that you were communicating the scientific and medical facts corrected?

Yes, I did a little bit of research but not an enormous amount. I wanted to back up a few facts with scientific research. Such as for instance the fact that our gut gets hugely affected by emotional upheavals and what can be done about it.



What do you feel is the most important takeaway that you really hope that a reader can take away from your personal upheavals?

Don’t give up hope. The fact that the medical industry may not have all the answers or solutions to your situation does not mean that there are no answers. Keep looking, keep trialing, keep testing. Do not give up!



Never give up is always great advice. And use the oodles of faith of course!

I love the oodles of faith because in the end this is what got me through.



And I’m very glad that you did get through. Mimi, I appreciate the time that you took out of your day to chat with me about your story of survival and I hope that readers can connect with your survival and find their own oodles of faith.



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