Author interview with Mimi Emmanuel of ‘God Healed Me’

Author Interview With Mimi Emmanuel

Whilst experiencing major life challenges Mimi discovers the power of God’s Holy Word and falls head over heels. She describes how God’s Word helps her cast out bad spirits that are trying to keep her down. She relates how these 24 Scripture verses, as well as an abundance of other verses, lift her spirit, turn her life around and get her back on her feet.



Mimi you’re back again! I do love catching up with authors multiple times but seriously maybe we should space them out more in the future! This time we’re going to have a little chinwag about ‘God Healed Me’, your discovery of the power of God’s word through scripture. Can you elaborate a little more of this discovery for us?

You know how sometimes you k n o w something but it has actually not as yet manifested 100% in your life the way you imagine it? Well it was like that. A knowing that had to be put into words.



Where in your life were you at this point in time when you were working through documenting this ‘knowing’ that you describe?

I was very broken and (it felt like) being thrown on the scrap heap. When I called out to The Lord for help the answer was pretty much immediate and there’s nothing I like better than sharing the phenomenal love and healing power that comes from above.



Was writing this book simply a matter of writing down your experiences of love and power that you felt? Or did you need to add context or work through these feelings and emotions by investigating their depths through research?

I researched a little bit about the power of prayer and was pleasantly surprised to find that the medical industry acknowledges and even applies the power of prayer in certain hospitals and situations. Random trials have shown the power of prayer to be very effective.



It really is interesting to see what the effects of things like prayer, faith and personal attitude towards treatment really have on the body in additional to western medicine. I do find this a fascinating subject as things like this are repeatedly showing up in journals as positive treatment factors. I love thinking about how these finding could be used to improve medical outcomes. Speaking of outcomes, what was the positive outcome for you after writing this book?

The responses from readers warm my heart and made all the effort worthwhile.



I’m very happy that your efforts were rewarded. And for our readers what rewards do you hope they find from your efforts?

Trust in The Lord for he is good. And with God all things are possible.



Mimi thank your for sharing your journey of faith and trust and I hope that your words can inspire our readers to go and discover their own faith walks.



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