Mail Order Bride: The Christmas Bride and the Nearly Ruined Pastor (Children of Laramie Book 3)

| December 21, 2016


Anna Kitchener has a beautiful singing voice and often leads the singing at church on Sundays. Her talent and sweetness attract the attention of the young men in Laramie especially Pastor David.

Anna and David spend a lot of time together preparing for the Christmas music program. Little do they know that scandalous gossip is growing throughout the community.

What caused such a vicious attack and why?
Who saved the day by reminding others to spread good will towards man?
Can Anna and David recover from the scandal and confess their love?

The Children of Laramie series picks up twenty years after the graduates Claire Banes, Hannah Milton, Vera Radford, and Heather Radford arrived in Laramie as mail-order brides. A lot has happened during those twenty some years including the births of eleven children who are now grown and searching for their own sweethearts to marry. Each book in the collection is a stand-alone story of sweet love and western romance.


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