| December 24, 2016


Engaging! Intriguing! Poignant! And most of all entertaining! Love is not the end all, be all. It takes work, experience, faith, resilience and so much more. If that sounds like a daunting prospect, you’re absolutely right. But, there’s a solution. ‘Paradoxical: What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married’ is the quintessential guide to navigating the sometimes intimidating yet always rewarding feeling of loving and being loved. This no-nonsense guide unashamedly shows you all the pitfalls of love gone wrong and showcases all the wonderful nuances that come with being a part of a loving couple.

‘Paradoxical’ is meant to be a timeless love toolkit to be used at your disposal no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’re dating, looking forward to dating, or preparing to walk down the aisle, this fun, timely, and poignant guide is there to answer your questions. The truth is final – we can’t escape the need to love, nor can we resist the longing to be loved. Let’s journey on…with love and in love!


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