Feel Good with Vegan Food! Theory and Practice of Healthy Eating with Colorful Infographics and Photos of Recipes + 10 Best Vegan Recipes for Christmas and New Year

| December 24, 2016


You don’t have to take part in killing animals anymore.

Plant-based food contains all essential nutrients. This book proves it! While reading it you’ll learn how to get maximum health benefits from vegan diet.

  • 15 delicious vegan recipes for everyday cooking and 10 recipes for Christmas and New Year with step-by-step recommendations and colorful photos.
  • Colorful infographics to motivate, enlighten and entertain you.
  • The destruction of myths about veganism.
  • Easy-to-digest table of essential nutrients in vegan products.
  • Plenty of interesting information and useful advice for both the beginners and experienced vegetarians.
  • Read the book and enjoy healthy eating!


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