| December 25, 2016


Imagine you were on your honeymoon.
Imagine you were honeymooning on the grandest, largest, most expensive cruise ship ever to sail the world’s oceans.
Everything is perfect.
Everything is always perfect on board the First Lady of the Sea, a super-liner designed to provide passengers with the ‘ultimate’ luxury cruising experience.
Highly-trained staff cater to your every need, every minute of every day. Cuisine from every part of the globe is available at the push of a button. Activities you never imagined possible are waiting right outside your cabin door. You can scuba dive in the world’s largest floating aquarium. You can join the action in the big tent circus or spend your days shopping duty-free in exclusive designer boutiques.
Everything is just waiting for you.
Imagine you are having the best time of your life.
And now imagine the next morning you wake up to discover half the ship’s passengers have turned into homicidal maniacs.
Quite literally, one half of the ship has declared war on the other half.
Husband against wife. Brother against sister.
The ship is a warzone.
An epidemic of violence has swept through the ship and transformed its opulent decks into the most disturbing type of battleground.
Mindless, zombie-like brutality has overtaken the ship during the night, and when you awaken, the only thing standing between you and them is your cabin door….

About the Author:
Father of three, SHANE M BROWN was born in 1974 and writes from Brisbane, Australia. He attended James Cook University from 1991 to 1998, graduating with a Bachelor of Biological Science with majors in Zoology and Archaeology, a First Class Honors Degree in Underwater Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management. In addition to HAYWIRE, his three other novels are titled FAST, PLAZA and MELT. His collection of short stories is titled AFTER. Before dedicating himself to full-time writing, Shane published multiple award winning and nationally short-listed stories. Most recently, one of these stories was optioned for a feature film. Currently Shane is working on the sequel to HAYWIRE and assisting in the development of the feature film.

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