Bulletproof Peace: 30 Spiritual Secrets of Peace and Happiness

| December 26, 2016


Bulletproof Peace reveals 30 powerful and practical tools to help you develop unshakable peace, presence and happiness, regardless of how challenging and stressful your life may be.

In his thirties, working in the stock market, the author Sabbir Muslim suddenly and unexpectedly developed a mysterious illness and was facing death. Sabbir had a life-changing mystical experience. This transformational event spurred him on to over a decade of spiritual discovery, to find lasting solutions to his deep fears, negativity and addictions. During his journey he has met enlightened teachers such as Mooji and Dr David R. Hawkins and studied A Course in Miracles and 12 step addiction recovery. This book reveals all the secrets behind his inspired and miraculous recovery.

With this book, you will discover enjoyable activities and simple tools, which help you to:

·       Skyrocket your happiness (tool 6)

·       Reduce mental stress and be productive with a busy life (tool 7)

·       Shield yourself from negative thinking (tool 8)

·       Develop an attitude that destroys gloominess and attracts the positive to you (tool 23)

·       Create harmonious relationships with less conflict, using a surprising spiritual secret

·       Peel away the layers which block your authentic, indestructible self (tool 28)

·       Handle overwhelming feelings with a meditative approach (tool 18)

·       Create happiness with mantra meditation (tool 19)

·       Invite miracles through contemplation practice (tool 20)

·       Release negative emotions in difficult relationships (tool 11)

·       Let go of unhealthy dependencies in your relationships (tool 15)

·       Visualise for manifestation and behaviour change (tool 17)

·       Make better decisions in your life (tool 30)

·       The power of prayer (tool 4)

·       Align with positive spiritual vibrations (tool 22)

·       Transform difficult family relationships (tool 24)

Bulletproof Peace is ideal for followers of Eckhart Tolle, A Course in Miracles, Mooji, Dr David R. Hawkins, Dalai Lama, mindfulness, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dr Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

The tools in this book have been crafted to give you lasting positive changes in your life, which you can start applying today.


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