The Parallel Lives of Bobby Stone

| December 26, 2016


Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson promote the theory of parallel universes, but deny our ability to travel between them. That’s true in the material world, but mentally we can go wherever our imagination wants to take us. This book explores what could happen if we made different choices. Every choice you make puts you on a certain path. What if you made a different choice? Is there another you in another parallel world that made that different choice and is following the path that choice opened up?
Bobby, a high school football hero, couldn’t decide which girl to pursue after high school, so he became a Navy Chaplin to avoid making the choice. Twenty years later he is headed for the class reunion where he could face the same choices. He finds Dr. Eaton who guides him into the 3 different parallel lives that could have been if he had chosen each of the 3 girls that were vying for his affection. He investigates 3 parallel lives and in one of them he changes it in mid stream. One is a childhood Sunday school classmate that encouraged him to study theology and the other 2 are cheerleaders.
This mixture of science fiction, romance, religion and even a sprinkle of politics will capture your interest and keep you turning page after page to the next interesting twist until you reach the unexpected ending.


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