Free as a Bird in a Healing Garden (The complete Series Books 1 and 2)

| December 27, 2016


FREE AS A BIRD IH A HEALING GARDEN is a Romance with a twist. Fate brought them together. Had her condition not been misdiagnosed, lonely psychiatrist, Luciano McKinnon, would never have met Kate and fallen in love with her, when she was admitted to the psychiatric unit where he worked as a consultant. He would not have become involved with her dysfunctional family and there would be not story, a story encompassing the plight of London’s homeless, the delights of Paris and a beautiful Mediterranean island. This story about domestic upheaval, love, loss and family secrets, is heart wrenchingly memorable and will grip you from page one.
AN ABSENCE OF BIRDSONG in contrast, is a Romantic, Historical Mystery and sees how the characters have moved on five years later. Again there is a tantalising secret but this one has been hidden away in a bureau for eighty eight years. Emma Ferguson had been told by her parents that her grandmother Eliza, was dead. That she died before Emma was born but Emma, just about to leave Malta receives a letter from some solicitors asking her to return to the town where she lived as a child because her grandmother, now ninety nine, and in a nursing home, is asking for her.
Why did Emma’s parents tell her that her grandmother was dead? What is the family secret which has been hidden away for so long? As Emma searches for answers, what she eventually discovers is mind-blowing for the entire family and at the same time her own life takes an unexpected turn.


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