Regency Romance: The Duke and the Merchant’s Daughter: Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance

| December 28, 2016



Francis has come to see the world in a different light after his travels to exotic far eastern lands. He has just arrived back from India upon hearing of his father’s passing. “Francis St. Martin, the Duke of Hartford,” he mused. It was never a title he wanted, nor the life he longed for. Yet now the time had come, he had his duties regardless of what he wanted or wished for.

Whilst traveling in India Francis has spent time with his school friend Peter and promises to visit Peter’s family upon his return. His family are merchants in the fabric trade and as it is his sister’s first season he decides to take his family and sister to visit Peter’s father to discuss suitable fabrics for dresses. Here he meets Peter’s sister Isabella and there is an instant attraction between them but both of them know that the boundaries of society cannot be ignored.

Elsewhere plans are afoot to trap Francis into marrying someone who he has not the slightest interest in but Isabella hears of these devilish plans and vows to help Francis even though she knows that her discovery could endanger her family’s business and reputation irretrievably.


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