Graven Vengeance: Overlord Warriors

| December 28, 2016


Xaizden is the Dark Lord who rules over Fellowdonia in the fantasy video game Graven Vengeance. A small rebel group called the Graven Clan are battling to overturn Xaizden and return their world to the beautiful place it was before Xaizden became so powerful.

The Graven clan live in the shadows of the land to stay undetected by Xaizden’s mutated Zylek warriors. Many battles have taken place over the years between these warriors, two of the Graven Clan have decided to use a Quantum teleportation machine called QTM-X8 in an attempt to teleport gamers from the real world into Fellowdonia to help them fight.

They have chosen the elite gamers they call the Overlord Warriors who have slain many Zyleks during battles in the video game to join them.

If Xaizden finds the QTM-X8 machine he will use it to teleport his armies back into the real world, so that he can rule the earth.

Fabian and Leiden are ready to launch the QTM-X8 for the first time to get help from the Overlord Warriors.


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