How to Find us on Facebook

| December 29, 2016


An Essential Guide for Indie Authors, Bloggers, or anyone else who wants to optimize their Internet presence. Facebook is ever-changing—adding new features and deleting others. Most of us have had a Facebook personal profile for years using it religiously to interact with family and friends. For others who are new to Facebook, this guide covers the basics and will easily get your sorted out. The author shares her own personal experience using Facebook with clear examples and screen-grabs from her account in order to explain “how to” utilize each section discussed. If you’re an author, blogger, or offer other professional services, this little book will help you distinguish that internet presence and increase public awareness of your name, service, or book(s). You’re a professional and you need a professional “Page” that can be easily found.
From this book, you’ll learn to:
•Open a Facebook account
•Set up a profile
•Create a “Page”
•Connect that “Page” to your personal account
•Use the “About” section to your advantage
•Find Author Apps to enhance your “Page”
•Use “Notes” to share your books and work
•And other tips to optimize your Author presence!
Plus, these additional Free Bonus Features are included when you leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble:
1. Ten+ best websites to upload your books and get them in front of a broader audience absolutely FREE! Even when your books are not FREE eBooks. Even when they are KDP eBooks. These websites simply give you more author exposure while using your current Amazon or Kindle book links to sell you eBooks/books to their massive database of readers. Many of these websites also offer a free author profile.
2. Five+ Best Free Review Sites and Five+ Best Paid Review Sites for Indie Authors
3. Instructions to get a copy of your Kindle/mobi eBook to keep and send to reviewers
4. List of Free Websites to Advertise your Free eBooks or KDP Promotions
5. List of Websites for Paid Advertisement of your Free eBooks and KDP Promotions
6. Lagniappe—Other Free Author Goodies and Tips!


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