How to Cheat Death

| January 4, 2017


iStayWoke, an internationally recognized personal development company, reveals that the key to transcending the “average mentality” is as simple as adopting nine essential concepts. This masterpiece exemplifies what fans around the world have grown to love about iStayWoke which is the perfect mixture of passion to inspire, piquancy to inform and entertain, with a hint of pollyannaism for comfort.

“What will I leave behind when I leave this Earth?” or “Is this all that life has to offer?” (Pick a question)

iStayWoke has utilized years of research and experience to elegantly design a system of stories centered on a protagonist named Malcolm who is forced to answer this question. The reader is given the opportunity to simultaneously walk alongside Malcolm through his test and trials in pursuit of answers and unite the puzzle pieces of a much larger grand scheme.

Will Malcolm avoid the generational curse of monotonous losing? Or will he transcend mediocrity and even death itself? Which road are you headed toward?

This innovative and revolutionary guidebook introduces simplistic and life-altering truths such as:
•The criminal that has been killing you softly
•Why you are blind to success
•How to finally get that promotion
•What in your environment that has been holding you back
•And much more!


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