Murder Most Likely

| December 30, 2016


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A body in the lake, high stakes secret software, and a tech guru with a surprising number of enemies. But who among them is a dangerous killer?

A full-length, standalone cozy mystery.

Newly minted millionaire software entrepreneur Mervyn Butterick returns to his home town in a blaze of glory. Once a socially awkward nerd, he’s now rich, successful, and attractive, and he credits everything he’s achieved to his life coach and mentor.

Emma Cassidy, event planner and owner of A Perfect Party, is pleased at the transformation in her old school friend. But when Mervyn’s life coach drowns in the lake, she can’t help wondering. Was it an unfortunate accident, or a case of mistaken identity? Is someone gunning for Mervyn Butterick and everything he’s achieved?

With Mervyn desperate for answers, Emma agrees to help. For a mild-mannered geek, Mervyn has a surprising number of enemies, but which of them is a dangerous killer?

The Emma Cassidy Mystery series:

Book 1: Throw a Monkey Wrench
Book 2: Pushed to the Limit
Book 3: Murder Most Likely
Book 4: Witch Way to Murder


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