Space Mercenaries: The Alien Library (Wolf Cyborg Book 5)

| December 31, 2016


Learn the secrets of the abandoned alien library

Follow the space mercenaries into the heart of a forbidden world.

On the remote planet of Anubis, an alien race became extinct after amassing godlike knowledge. All that survives of them is their library and the secrets it contains.

Battle hardened mercenary leader Severan takes a commission from the mysterious Count. The Count wants the mercenaries to break into the library and escort him into its depths. He does not reveal why.

Though Severan has superhuman strength from his alien cyborg hand and eye, he wants only to die. But Severan’s death wish endangers the rest of the party, and second-in-command Gaijann has to keep him alive, and the party on track, as they plunge into the heart of mystery to recover whatever secrets the Library keeps.

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