Playful Stress Reducing Shortcuts: Fast Drug-Free Ways to Tickle Your Nervous System to Improve Your Happiness, Peace, and Vitality

| December 31, 2016


As you read this book you’ll find fast easy ways to:

    be in the present moment.
    enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
    be happier.
    reduce pain.
    lower cortisol, a stress hormone, and raise your power hormone in 2 minutes.
    gain instant energy.
    snap out of your crazy thoughts.

What Do I Mean by Wag the Dog Magic?

Well, the old idiom goes:

The dog wags its tail, but can the tail wag the dog… If so what can happen?

In this book, I offer a handful of simple, fast nervous system hacks that create big results in your body and in your life for little effort in just a few moments. That’s Magic.

If you have a nervous system, and you do if you’re reading this, then these methods will help you to live a life you love more easily and sooner than what you’re doing now.

I use them all myself and teach them to my clients. I wrote about some of these in other books and on my blog. Some will be new. I wanted you to have them all in one place.

May you be happy, wild, and free,



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