Refused Existence

| January 1, 2017


It haunts our dreams. It stalks our streets and lurks within the halls of our homes. It tingles our spines and waters our eyes. A world very different to the daylight that accompanies us in the waking hours. It is there, waiting to be spotted, but it is never seen.

We know it’s there, but we tell ourselves it doesn’t exist.

Gathered here are ten twisted stories from this dark universe.

A young girl walks home from school, unaware of the dark shadow which stalks her every step. A mother watches on as her child is slaughtered by a band of crazed psychopaths. A man makes his three hour journey home, wanting but failing to ignore the strange child who sobs in the back seat of his car. A boy sits alone in a room with a journal and a boarded up window, tormented by a merciless entity.

Don’t expect sunshine and rainbows. You won’t find those here.


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