Malnourished: Equipping Parents to Battle Spiritual Poverty on the Home Front

| January 2, 2017


Are you equipped for the battle?
There is an epidemic of spiritual poverty among today’s children. While some are starving to death, others are actually overfed yet malnourished, due to an abundance of ‘spiritual junk food’ in our western culture.
Using a solid Biblical foundation, Malnourished is a call to action, urging parents to take back their rightful place as the family’s primary provider of spiritual food. In this book, you will find:
-An abundance of scripture to arm you for battle
-A step-by-step plan for assessing, equipping, and discipling the children in your sphere of influence
-A list of supplemental books, websites and assessments
-The “40 Days of Feeding Your Family” challenge- an opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action
If you are tired of the status quo and ready to embark on a life-changing journey, put on your battle armor! You will come away from this book with a renewed passion to wage war on spiritual poverty, and will be blessed as you see God at work in you and in your family.


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