Sound: The Definitive guide to the Highest Quality IN-EAR ON-EAR and OVER-EAR Sound Systems!

| January 2, 2017


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A Definitive guide to the highest quality sound systems of 2017-18. A carefully chosen selection of high end, IN-ear ON-ear and OVER-ear sound systems, both sound enhancing, and noise canceling, technology.

Headphones/ Earphones: A Definitive Guide

Thinking of getting a new set of headphones/ earphones? Are you a sound engineer, looking for a studio set up, or simply would like higher quality sound for personal use. Or maybe you are just technical minded and want to know more about these personal sound systems that have become a staple when it comes to sound and music?
This book will give you a peek into the roots of headphones and how they developed over the years to what they are now.
It will help you demystify the jargon and terms that are essential to understanding the specifications and criteria of high quality headphones and earphones.
All the questions you need to ask when purchasing personal sound systems and how to find the right model that is just right for you:
• What you need to look for in a high quality headphones
• hard of hearing? Why no try a wireless headphones to watch TV.
• What you need to take note of when it comes to getting a model that will fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget
• A helpful list of the top ten best headphones/earphones for both those willing to spend a good chunk of money, as well as those on a budget.


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