Being Black Being Blessed

| January 3, 2017


The Black Man and Invention
Most of the successes in inventions that made human life comfortable and spiced with a variety of utilities emanated from ancient Egypt. Egyptians invented basically most of the everyday items that humans cannot do without especially inventions that have to do with helping to make our lives a lot easier. This invention was in proportion to the level of enlightenment they had at that time and they formed the bedrock upon which other inventions developed from. From research, in the civilization of the ancient Egyptians they were able to make the following inventions;
The 365 day calendar and leap year; organized labor; surgical instruments; cosmetics; the plough; paper; black ink; ink-pen; Shoes; high heel shoes; condoms; hair wigs, hair weaves, hair dye, hair extensions; and many more awaits your discovery in this book – Being Black Being Blessed. We love your reviews!!!


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