Up, Ready, Move 30 Day Challenge: Daily Action to Ditch Your Past And Build Your Dream Life NOW (Up and Moving Book 1)

| January 4, 2017


On a scale of 1-10 what grade would you give yourself for your health?
Physical? Fiscal? Mental Acuity? Emotional/Spiritual?

If you find yourself HERE and want to get “THERE” this book is for you.
•10 Days to get UP in energy, spirit, vibration.
•10 Days to get READY for serious action by making a solid plan to overcome obstacles and build your dream.
•10 Days to MOVE toward your dreams through daily action steps.

Originally created as a 30 days of activity to prepare people for the new calendar year, this challenge has been reworked to apply to any day or month in the year, because no matter where you are, you have a past, and deserve a future based upon your own intentional design. Grab your imagination, your hopes, dreams, and a way to journal, and you are on your way!

Start where you are, doing one day’s steps at a time, with a single focus — your ONE thing. Embark upon this life-enhancing journey, and in one month you will be well on your way to the “there” you envision now.


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