100 LOVE SMS for him & for her

| January 5, 2017


Hello dear readers. Let me present to your attention a collection of short messages that you may send to your beloved. It can bring colors in your relationships and make them warmer, different and more beautiful. Of course, when a person in love – does not need ideas about what kind of messages to write. They are born in the head independently. As, for example ones which are assembled in this book. But at different people – different beautiful ideas. And that’s why i decided to create this book. To become an assistant you in new ideas. You can change up to 90% of the text, or you can write 1:1. The main thing – make a pleasure to your loved one. And add more fire. Or light the spark. For those people who want to write their messages without changing anything, I recommend to send them no more frequently than once a week.


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