Author interview with Lois Center-Shabazz of ‘Live Rich Save Money!: Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways’

Author Interview With Lois Center-Shabazz

17 outrageously wonderful ways to get out of debt. With this eBook and the debt-free solutions in it, you will see that a low or no-debt life is possible. In a few short months of following the plan you will change your mind about money and debt totally. Owning excessive or unnecessary things will no longer run your life. Or, if you got into debt by some misfortune of yours, you will see crystal clear instructions for getting back on track and getting your debt into a low or debt-free status.



Lois Center-Shabazz has dropped around today to share her financial savvy from her book ‘Live Rich Save Money! Get out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways’. For many people the topic of personal finance is an emotional topic. What personally drove you to explore the concepts in this book and share them with others?

The idea for my book came from an experience. I had the unfortunate experience of going to college and graduate school with little or sometimes no money. This caused me to get into both student loan debt and credit card debt. Most of the debt was incurred in graduate school since it was a private school. The cost of the private school was hard to estimate because of:

  1. The hidden costs in private schools and,
  2. The large increases in tuition from year to year that was not disclosed. Then, there was the first few years of work, the pay was low, but the credit card bills and student loan payments were high. This is when I devised a plan, outlined in my eBook to get debt free or with very low debt and then low stress. It takes time, but most can do it.



Having debt from both your undergraduate and graduate education must have been overwhelming at the time as neither of those items are particularly cheap, especially if private schools are involved.

Yes, my mega life experience, this is the name I call it. The stress and worry was huge when I was deep in debt. I thought it would absolutely never end, then I devised this plan.



Was research a component of creating this plan to get yourself out of debt?

Yes, I did. I used myself and other real life people like me I know that dug themselves out of deep debt. Getting out of debt, one day at a time.



Can you sum up the most important thing that you wanted to say in your book?

You can get out of debt. If you have a plan, and you follow the plan, no matter what, you can and will become a person with low or no debt.



It must be rewarding as a writer to firstly have this experience and then share what you’ve learnt with others.

Yes, being able to share my story with others to help them get out of debt and to let them know they don’t have to live with the stress that high debt puts on you has been very rewarding.



Out of interest, are you still working in the profession which lead you into this debt?

No, I am a retired dentist, and now personal finance blogger. My personal finance blogging influenced my writing.



And where is your next writing adventure taking you?

I am working on a novel now, a coming of age story about a family that comes full circle, and finds out how to love each other.



That project is on a very different track to this book. What drives you to write on such varied topics from debt elimination to the love of a family?

I enjoy it. I want to share my stories with others.



And how do you find the writing process and stories unfold? Are you strict about your writing process? Also do you know the ending when you start?

I aim for a number of words each day when I write. And the ending usually unfolds during the writing as I research.



Do you ever find yourself stuck while writing? And how do you get yourself unstuck?

I stop for a while and relax.



Do you ever listen to music when you write?

Yes, my favorite song is “Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay”. It is an old song that reminds me of a relaxing place to write and think.



And when you’ve thought and wrote out the story, how does editing happen? Do you edit yourself, or do you find the use of an editor important?

I edit the book, but of course I hand it over to an expert fact checker and editor.



As you’ve published multiple books, do you have any self-publishing tips that you might be able to share with other authors?

Do your research, talk to many self-published authors before you start, it is a little tricky.



Before I let you go today I’d like to chat about something that isn’t tricky – the quick fire question round. Here you can relax and show a little more insight to your character with our readers. Let’s start with what is your favourite quote?

If you want to have what successful people have, you must do what successful people do.



What is your zodiac sign?




If they made a movie from your book who would you choose to play the main characters?

It’s not a movie type book, but is could be, and yes — I would play the main character.



That’s an easy casting choice! What is your favourite ocean?




Do you have any philosophies that you live by?

Treat others the way you want to be treated.



What is your favourite word?




And on that positive note we’ll wrap up today’s interview. Lois thank you for sharing some of your personal debt insights and I hope that many new readers take up the challenge to get themselves out of debt forever.



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