Alberta Clipper

| June 25, 2013


Alberta Clipper

Insider trading, rambunctious Christmas parties, overnight conferences, the modern office environment has it all. But it can also be the stage for a simple, modern love story.
ALBERTA CLIPPER is that story.

Christine Grogan is a successful meteorologist with a loving family, great friends and an exciting career working for an international investment bank. So why does she spend every January 20th crying like her heart might break? As everyone around her appears to be moving on with their lives, Christine wears her past like a pair of concrete shoes. Can nothing, or nobody help her shake them?
Mark Harrington thought he had all he ever wanted. Head of the bank’s Irish operations, he has the career, the house and the relationship any man would wish for. But when his seemingly perfectly planned life suddenly strays totally off course, Mark is confronted with the fact that he isn’t actually in control at all…
…and that he is crazy in love with Christine.

A pacy, witty read, Alberta Clipper is a story of old-fashioned love in a contemporary world. A story of guilt and forgiveness, trust and betrayal, and absolute, unconditional love.

The story of two people, each floundering in their own lives, who might just be able to save one another.


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