Sibling Relationships: 20 Activities That Allow Your Children to Become Loving Brothers and Sisters

| January 7, 2017


Learn 20 Activities that Will Turn Rival Siblings into Best Friends!

When you have more than one child it’s often hard for parents to keep children in harmony with their brothers and sisters. It’s for that very reason that I have decided to write this book. Friends and family have often asked why my kids are so happy. In truth, I learned the hard way, but now that I have learned, they also extolled the virtues of putting this in a book because people will find it very useful when deciding what activities kids can do that will keep their friendship alive, rather than bringing out that terrible sibling rivalry.

This book provides different kinds of activities that will bring out your children’s competitive natures without making one child feel better than another. The activities have their merits to both the artistic and non-artistic child. They are geared to help you and your children recognize that each child has their own special gift and is unique. They will help bring out each child’s strengths while supporting a team-like environment in which they can thrive. These have all been tried and tested and will bring your kids together for a positive and friendly manner.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Games to Encourage Fairness
  • Games Just for Fun
  • Harnessing the Power of Nature
  • Learning Kindness Through Activities
  • Activities to Bring Out Creativity
  • Much More Than You Thought You Knew About Your Kids!
  • Give Your Kids an Outlet to Make Loving Memories With Each Other!
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