The Pandora Principle: A Paranormal Romance Novel (Divine Resonanace Book 1)

| January 8, 2017


Cassi Wayne’s life is just how she wants it – great grades, great friends and a private interview with social media trailblazer Mercer Chaplin that just might turn into something more. That is, until her aunt turns up, demanding that she return home and take her place as the latest in a long line of daimon-hunting, god-slaying descendants of Pandora.

A proud lineage of paranormal soldiers straight out of Greek mythology, Cassi’s family has no time for a rebel who’s fighting tooth and nail to keep hold of her new, normal life. But as she struggles to live, learn and maybe even love, Cassi is about to discover that she’s closer to danger than she ever imagined – a danger that may not leave her, or her friends, any kind of future at all.

USA Today bestselling author Noree Cosper pits yesterday against tomorrow, fate against love and girl against daimon. The Pandora Principle introduces a pulse-pounding fantasy adventure set in a world you’ll never want to leave. Kissed by fire, bound by fate, Cassi is about to find out exactly who she is.


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