Out of Solitude

| January 8, 2017


Nora survived a parent’s worst nightmare, but now lives in a small compressed world keeping people at bay. Her mother has provided her a job that allows her to make a living cut off from the world in general, making only tiny in roads with the women around her for companionship. Until the day a small child with a similar story walks in and refuses to leave her alone. Learning to put her own feelings aside to help Anabeth regain her independence and happiness again allows Nora to focus on something outside her own pain for the first time. Dealing with Anabeth’s overprotective father though is too far outside her abilities at the moment.

Daniel is willing to do literally anything to help his daughter overcome the lingering effects of one awful chapter in their life. Moving across country to be closer to family and even allowing her to spend time with the off putting Nora if it helps her talk again. When he starts to lean on Nora for her advice and eventually to help fill the hole left by Nora’s mother in that role the woman who doesn’t need anybody starts to be the person he can’t live without. When offered the offer of his career though, will he choose this flourishing happiness or chase his own dreams to new horizons?


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