Amish Romance: Abigail’s Heart (Amish Romance in the West Book 1, Clean Inspirational Amish Romance)

| January 8, 2017


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Abigail’s heart has already been broken once. Moving to the west with her family to settle in Big Valley, Colorado, gives her a brand new start.

Her brother’s friend, Samuel, has always been protective of her. He seems to always be there when she needs him, making her feel safe and cared for…

But Abby only thinks of him as her brothers friend. Until…

She notices that her feelings towards Sam have changed since the move West. Will their relationship be able to grow as Abby becomes the woman that she feels called to be?

Will Sam return her feelings?

Or will she be risking their friendship by telling him how she feels?

Find out more in this first book of the new series: Amish Romance of the West. This is a clean romance with a Happily Ever After ending!

Immerse yourself in the peace of Big Valley, an Amish settlement in the mountains of Colorado.

Abby was grateful as Sam knelt at her side and helped her sit up. His dark eyes showed concern as he peered into her face. He leaned towards her, supporting her back as he propped her up.

“How is that?” he asked. “Any pain in your head? How’s your back?”

“I’m okay, Sam,” she said, breathing in the scent of sage and pinion pine that always seemed to follow him. She settled into the comfort of having him at her side.

Even though the fall had shaken her, she suddenly felt safe.

He wrapped one arm around her back and with the other he found her hand, and grasped it firmly. She felt his arm muscles tense as he lifted her, and she startled at the way her heart sped up at his closeness.

He was so handsome, up close like this.

He was no longer the boy she’d grown up with. His soft boyhood face had become manly, his cheekbones chiseled. He’d really grown into those dark eyes and wild hair over the years. On a boy, they’d made him look too old. His eyes had held depth since he was a child. But as a man, the depth suited him. She realized that she was on her feet. Sam’s arm was still around her.

She found her breath, and tore her eyes from his. She brushed at her skirt, straightening the folds and her apron. Her heart was racing, in a strange way. The pitter-patter was quick and light; a pleasant feeling. Is it because of the fall? she wondered. Sam removed his arm and stepped back.

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