The Male-Female Dynamic: for Men

| January 8, 2017


The Male-Female Dynamic: for Men

First Edition


There are many books about success with women. Most of these books never really talk about what’s actually important and what really makes a difference. The Male-Female Dynamic: for Men only covers those things that really matter and leaves out all the rest, making sure it is all you need in order to get this part of your life handled.

Just like everything in the universe; the attraction between the masculine and the feminine is governed by laws. These laws are hard, but justified.

You as a man want to take ownership of the softness and tenderness of the feminine. You want to take it and penetrate it. The reality is that if you want this, you must deliver your part. If you want sexual access to the feminine, you must be the masculine. You can only do this by actually taking control of your life and becoming a more confident an fulfilled man. There are no shortcuts.

Therefore, this book will explain you how to do this in a no-nonsense way that any man can easily understand and apply into his life. From that point on, this book will explain how the masculine relates to the feminine and vice versa, and how to respectfully but assertively leads the interaction towards sex.

This book will change your perspective on the way you relate to women for the better, so that it becomes easier and more simple.

Are you ready take full control of your life and get that look in your eyes that women want? Any man can do this, as long as he is ready for it. Are you?


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