The Kresnik Files: Extremely Inappropriate, Very Funny Stories & Essays

| January 9, 2017


In The Kresnik Files: Extremely Awful, Funny Stories and Essays Volume 1, Joe Cabello siphons humor from the darkest of places. Ignorant of social taboos or basic decorum, Joe Cabello gives you a harsh look through the comedic lense of a miscreant.

1. A Poorly Worded Proposal from a Student Photographer to his High School

2. About the Clown I Hired for John’s Birthday

3. Concerns Over Your Music Player’s New User Agreement

4. Meet Sam, the Guy Who Thinks “Intern” Means “Hooker”

5. Recipe: David’s a Stupid Fucking Asshole Hockey Puck Burgers

6. So I Caught a Rattlesnake with My Bare Hands, Now What?

7. Honest text to send at 11:40pm to the girl you’ve been seeing for a week

8. Video Game Review From a Guy Who Sucks at Video Games

9. A Plane Hijacking Story with Billy Joel

10. PremiumMasons

11. The Last Dragons

12. My Short Stint as a Phone Operator


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