Cry Me A River

| June 25, 2013


Cry Me A River

Claire Eppington works with dead people. She delivers their ashes to remote locations throughout the globe. On a trip to Colombia to bring the remains of a client to a remote village on the Rio de Magdalena, Claire finds that her job may be more deadly than she expected.

Her assignment allows her to work with Manny Villareal, a handsome and rugged photographer. What Claire does not know is that Manny used to work as a security chief for the family cartel.

When Manny’s brother becomes threatened, Claire becomes a pawn in a dangerous game. Pursued by an assassin, and pressed by military groups, a rogue DEA agent, and a greedy relative seeking to overthrow the cartel, Manny is forced to make a choice. Does he save his family, or the woman he is beginning to love?


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