The Golden Cockroach

| January 10, 2017


Nina’s dinner date is an insufferable jerk who only wants to talk about himself, but an unexpected guest makes her evening out a memorable one.

A humorous, slice of life short story of 2100 words.


Q – What makes the Crossing The Divide series special?

A – When I set out to write these stories, I wanted readers to be able to relate to my characters, so I’ve created a world populated by the kinds of characters that we all might know in real life. I’ve placed these characters in contemporary, real life situations, and they have to deal with the kind of relationship conflicts that real life often throws at us. I’ve then given these conflicts a little twist; pumping up the drama, the action, and the humor. That’s another feature of these stories that is really important to me. I love reading stories that make me smile, and I wanted to replicate that with the stories in this series. There’s a thread of dry humor running through them that is essential to their telling. Real life is like that—a mixture of tragedy and comedy—and these stories are too.

Q – How are the stories in the series linked?

A – The stories in the series feature different characters and switch between settings in Central Otago, New Zealand, and Brisbane, Australia, but they are all thematically linked through an exploration of ideas about relationship conflicts and the attempts made to cross the divide that often separates us from those with whom we share our planet, be they animal or human.

Q – Why should readers give these stories a try?

A – For me, it’s all about the characters. That’s the central tenet of my writing. Without characters your readers can root for, you’ve got nothing. That doesn’t mean your characters have to be likeable—in fact, I enjoy creating characters that walk a fine line in that regard—but in the end, readers have to be able to side with them and support them in their quests.
Overall, the Crossing The Divide series is designed to keep you turning the pages with a smile on your face—I’ve made sure there’s never a dull moment.


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