Nathaniel Yancey

| January 11, 2017


Nathaniel Yancey just wants a little peace and quiet.

Born into a wealthy Charleston, South Carolina, family, he much prefers a simple, tranquil retreat to the adventurous life chosen by so many of his nine rambunctious brothers. His profession? A clergyman, destined to serve the Lord.

Having just graduated from The Fold of the Faithful Seminary in St. Louis, he has been assigned to a church in Virginia City, Nevada, whose pastor was recently killed in an accident. The place is supposed to be peaceful. It’s supposed to be quiet. He looks forward to sharing his residence with a housekeeper, doing charitable work, ministering to his flock, and reading the Good Book.

Upon arrival, however, he is shocked and stunned to discover that, contrary to his expectations, the parsonage is swamped by females: the six daughters of Reverend Winthrop—three adult women and three young children aged four, five, and six—and an extraordinary “do all/be all” former lady of the evening, who runs the place. Even the cat is female, and chaos rules.

Nathaniel feels overwhelmed. And a trifle resentful. Why wasn’t he warned in advance of this situation? What about his dream of a restful, retiring life in the mountains of a mining town?

He would like nothing more than to pack up the whole kit and caboodle and ship them off somewhere. However, after a long and enlightening talk with Delilah, the housekeeper, he realizes that evidently he is stuck here, and everyone will have to adjust to the new arrangements.

One small crisis involving the “littlers” follows another, but somehow he copes, resolving each problem as it arises. Soon, he has accepted what must be, settling in and endearing himself to his foster family and his congregation.

The fly in the ointment lives next door, and her name is Parris Porter. A spinster, and likely to remain so, she has eyes for the handsome pastor, and is not shy about letting him know.

Meanwhile, the handsome pastor has eyes of his own for Miss Caroline Winthrop, eldest daughter of The Little Chapel’s former minister. Except that she has been keeping company with a well-to-do banker, and is well on her way to a formal engagement.

All seems fair in love and war, and Nathaniel is resigned to losing the love of his life.

Then baby Hollie goes missing.

And Nathaniel finds out that he is meant to be here, after all, doing what he does best.


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